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A pastry bag is a kitchen accessory used to decorate cakes, pies, cookies and other desserts. It is also used to dress pastries and creams, such as choux pastry.

A pastry bag is a cone or triangle shaped bag. It can be made of paper, plastic, silicone, fabric... The bag is filled with a preparation such as cream, icing, paste and then it is pressed to bring out the preparation via the nozzle that will be inserted at the end. The pointed end is cut out and can be fitted with a pastry tip.

What to do with a piping bag?

Piping bags come in all sizes, from large ones for big jobs to smaller ones for detail work on cakes and cookies. Pastry cream is often piped, and choux pastry is placed on a baking sheet to make cream puffs or eclairs. Piping bags are also used to fill pastries, such as cream or jelly filled doughnuts.

Sleeve bags are usually made of canvas, which makes them durable, with a plastic coating on the inside that makes them easy to clean and reuse. But disposable plastic bags are also often used.

A pastry bag usually needs to have a pastry adapter or screw on the pointed end.

The easiest way to fill a piping bag is to attach the desired tip, then place the empty bag, tip down, in a glass. You can then wrap the wide end of the bag over the neck of the jar like a cuff, then spoon your ingredient into the bag.

How to use a piping bag?

If you're using a disposable plastic piping bag, you'll need to cut off the end of the bag before you begin. But don't cut it off without measuring the size of the sleeve you want to use.

If you are using a socket adapter, you must first insert the inner half of the adapter, then the tip. Finally, with the tip in the opening, now place the outer half of the adapter on the outside of the tip and screw it on tightly. An adapter is a two-part accessory (a base and a ring) that allows you to interchange multiple decorating tips without changing the tip bag. The base fits inside the bag, then you place the decorating sleeve of your choice on the part of the coupler that protrudes from the bag. The decorating tip is locked in place when you screw on the adapter. 

When you are ready to fill the bag, fill it only half to two-thirds of the way.

Sleeve bags and accessories

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