Praline, nuts, coconut

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Here, we focus on nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, macadamia nuts, pecans, pistachios... These dried fruits are naturally rich in nutrients. Their benefits: rich in good fats, vitamins (B12, E), fiber, these fruits help fight against cardiovascular disease, bad cholesterol and as a snack they give an immediate boost. 

What is praline?

To make praline, the dried fruits must be roasted and then caramelized. They are then chopped and crushed in a blender. The dried fruits end up becoming a very fluid, liquid paste. You then obtain the praline. Praline flowing heart, praline flan, praline pie, Paris-Brest... There are many possible recipes with praline.

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What is gianduja?

More melting than praline, this delicious treat is made of chocolate and hazelnuts. It is used in pastries or can be eaten as is. Valrhona's gianduja is a pure wonder... Imagine your chocolate bonbons with gianduja, a ganache with gianduja for tarts, mousses...

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The pistachio paste 

This divine paste is perfect to garnish your macaroons, your cupcakes. It can be mixed with chocolate ganache, dessert cream or ice cream. Depending on your preference, choose a pistachio paste with or without sugar.

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In this section you will have the choice between nuts in all forms: powder, crushed, in paste or praline. What to realize superb desserts, tarts, cakes...