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What is isomalt?

Isomalt is a sugar substitute created from real sugar made from beets. It is white, crystalline and odorless. Although it is not as sweet as sugar, it can be mixed with other sugar substitute sweeteners, such as sucralose, to increase sweetness. Isomalt is used in the creation of sugar-free candy and sugar sculpture. It must be heated to be molded, shaped or used for decoration.

Did you know that?

Isomalt is used in the manufacture of hard candies, chewing gums, chocolates and bakery products... But it is also used in the composition of cough drops!

How to use isomalt?

Isomalt can be carved or molded into almost any shape. It is important to use molds that can withstand very high heat and to avoid plastic molds that can warp or even melt in the heat. You should also take care to work carefully and safely with isomalt to avoid burns. Use gloves to protect yourself from burns.

Isomalt does not caramelize when heated like sugar and does not take on the light brown to yellow hue of "caramel". This makes it a great way to create beautiful decorations for your cakes.

With a silicone mold "Gems"make beautiful gems to decorate a cake design.

You can also create beautiful Christmas cookies with our Christmas Stained Glass Cookies recipe.

cookies stained glass decoration

What is glucose?

Glucose syrup is a refined and concentrated ingredient of dextrose, maltose and higher saccharides, obtained by hydrolysis of starch. It is more distinct from sugar, especially because it is a syrup, which means that the solution is a thick, sweet liquid. 

Therefore, glucose syrup is used for its lack of distinct taste, transparency and viscosity. The sweetness and viscosity, however, depend on the duration of hydrolysis of the solution.

Glucose syrup is one of the most versatile sweeteners available. It is found in confectionery, beverages, baked goods, sauces and pharmaceuticals. The viscosity of the syrup adds volume to these sweets, making them sweeter, softer and stickier.

In pastry and bakery it is used to prevent crystallization and to contribute to the preservation of the product.

In addition, it is important to note that although it is made from wheat or corn, glucose syrup is considered gluten-free because the hydrolysis process removes the gluten from the solution. Therefore, glucose syrup can be included in gluten-free diets.

How to use glucose in baking?

Glucose is used to prevent crystallization of certain preparations, but it is also perfect to give softness to cakes. Prepare chocolate truffles for Christmas, fudges well melting. It can also be used to stabilize chocolate mousses and ganaches.

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