Silicone cake mold

Professional quality silicone mold at Féerie Cake

The most beautiful silicone molds are on Silicone molds to make your cakes, entremets but also for cake design. To work with sugar paste or modeling clay and make edible decorations to decorate your cakes.

Silikomart silicone molds and Pavoni molds

The most famous, the darlings of pastry chefs are the silicone molds from Silikomart and Pavoni. These two Italian brands compete in creativity to offer superb resistant silicone molds that can be used both in the oven and in the freezer. 

Use of the silicone mold

We offer a wide range of silicone molds.

Thus you will find silicone molds to make classic pastries: madeleines or petit fours, or a silicone mould to make a good yogurt cake or chocolate cake.

But for the most demanding, you will find beautiful dessert molds like the silicone mold of Pavoni "Noisette", a successful collaboration with the excellent Cédric Grolet, best pastry chef in the world. At Silikomart and Pavoni, you will find silicone molds for logs, essential for the approach of Christmas.

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