Galette des Rois

Buy beans and kings crowns for kings cake 

You love this tradition! After the end of the year celebrations, what a pleasure to get back to the stove to prepare the traditional "galette des rois".

Where to buy cheap beans for the "galette des rois" ?

At Féerie Cake you will find a large choice of porcelain or resin beans for the galette des rois. Santa Claus beans, patrol beans, snowman, elves,... You have the choice !

What is the real recipe for the galette des rois?

A traditional king's cake is a cake made of puff pastry and filled with frangipane. But according to the regions you will find cakes of kings made with brioche dough. What matters is that for Epiphany, we treat ourselves, tradition or not, right? So please yourself first. Frangipane, almond cream, praline, apple, the galette allows all the extravagances! Yes, yes!

What are the ingredients to make a galette des rois?

First step: the dough. Puff pastry or shortbread, you choose the one that will please you!

The filling: if you opt for frangipane or almond cream, you will need qualityalmond powder. Then simple ingredients: egg, butter, sugar and a pastry cream.

To personalize and modernize your galette, we have a wide choice of fillings to offer you: praline feuillantine, pistachio paste, gianduja... enough to make the recipe of the galette ultra greedy.

The cake of kings 

In the South of France, traditionally, a brioche flavored with orange blossom, candied fruit and granulated sugar is prepared to celebrate the Epiphany. The bean is also hidden to designate the king or queen of the day. This delicious brioche is called the "king's cake" and is prepared in the same way as a butter brioche, with baking powder and a dash of rum as an option.

The beans for the "galettes des rois

Before closing your galette, traditionally, you must insert a bean. Because the pleasure of tasting a delicious galette is also accompanied by the pleasure of discovering a bean that will crown the king or queen! Make your choice among our porcelain or resin beans.

The wreath for the king's cake

Once the bean is found, you must crown the king or queen of the day. And for that, the essential crowns of kings are waiting for you. Themed like the Disney King's crown for example or traditional, choose your crown.

With frangipane or almond cream, or chocolate, several easy recipes of galettes des rois are waiting for you on the blog of Féerie Cake.

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Galette des Rois

Find in our section, crowns of kings and porcelain beans are waiting for you for a successful Epiphany!

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