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Covering chocolate

What is a couverture chocolate?

Covering chocolate is a product resulting from the chocolate paste. It is found in dark, white or milk chocolate, usually in the form of small tablets.

A couverture chocolate contains more than 31% of cocoa butter. This high cocoa butter content gives it a great fluidity and smoothness.
Covering chocolate is used for coating, molding, confectionery, pastry, etc. For cake design lovers, couverture chocolate is essential for making your ganache and covering your cake (the crumb coating stage) before decorating it or covering it with sugar paste. Covering chocolate is a professional quality chocolate and is therefore used by confectioners and pastry chefs.

The Valrhona brand offers excellent couverture chocolate. You will find here their famous chocolate pistoles Jivara, Guanaja, Ivory for the most known. The brand now offers flavored pistoles which are absolutely divine to prepare entremets, ganaches, mousses or ultra gourmet tarts.

When Christmas and Easter come around, you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to making your own chocolates with our chocolate molds.

Chocolate chips

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate, chocolate chips are essential for making delicious cookies. You have the choice between chunks and small chips. The chunks are large chips that are used to make muffins for example. The smaller chips are ideal for making cookies and other chocolate cookies.

Flavored chocolates and palets

A wonderful invention, these flavored chocolates. They can be used for many gourmet creations: mousses, entremets, ice cream, ganache... If you are making macaroons, create unique flavors with a passion fruit flavored ganache thanks to Valrhona's "passion inspiration" beans. You'll also fall in love with La Patelière 's flavored chocolate palets: caramel milk, strawberry, gianduja... enough to make your taste buds tingle! 


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